Japanese Rules to Follow During your Visit


Japan is a wonderful country to experience a ton of things such as amazing food, Shinkansen train ride, Go-Karting around Tokyo, mountain towns etc. But, in order to experience these awesome things, one needs to follow the rules followed by every local. Let’s focus on some of the common rules you as a tourist should follow.

  1. Bowing Down – It is absolutely crucial to bow your heads down before and after a formal or informal meeting. You will be seeing the locals bowing their heads down on a daily basis.
  2. Get your Own International Driving License – This is for those who wish to experience the Go-Karting activity around Tokyo. You will not be permitted to try this activity without your international license.
  3. Learn to Say ‘Moshi Moshi’ – In simpler words, it means ‘Hello’ in Japanese. This word is important especially if you’re staying in a hotel in case you need something from the hotel staff.
  4. Bring an Unlocked Phone – Bringing an unlocked phone will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones. Getting a sim card is relatively easy and cheap in Japan.
  5. Bring a Japanese Rail Pass – Another important rule to keep in mind is to bring a Japanese rail pass. The rail pass will help you to save money along with allow you to travel from one city to another. Moreover, it is also the best way to get entry inside a Shinkansen (bullet train).

These are the Japanese rules you need to keep in mind and follow during your visit. Also, it is important to look for the best Japan tour package.

Indian Business Visa Application Procedures

As the number of visitors grew to India, the authorities of India to consider giving some categories of foreign businessmen in the country of permanent residence visa. At present, Indian business visa is valid up to 70 days.  

Indian Business Visa Applications

Everyone visiting India must have a passport valid for more than six months. You can navigate https://www.indiavisa.my/ for getting more information about visa services.

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Entry visa is also required. India to apply for a business visa, you must have the following:

· Completed visa application form

· Passport valid for more than six months

· Two color passport size photos with white background

· Air Ticket / copy of the flight schedule

· A letter of invitation from Myanmar company and a letter of recommendation from your employer describe your work, the reason for the visit and the arrival and departure dates.

To facilitate the visa application process and get a visa sticker in your passport, allowing Myanmar Immigration Department visa application process online business and provide pre-arranged visas for business people and participants on arrival. Valid for 70 days, these visas offered to tourists from 27 countries and costs $ 50. They are not available to tourists.

Requirements for Visa on Arrival

On arrival to India, you are asked to fill out an application form for a visa on arrival, which can be downloaded from the Immigration Department's website or obtained from the state airline at the airport.

Did You Know About The Liechtenstein Museum In Vienna?

The Liechtenstein Museum is, as many people say, a temple of baroque. For a long time that statement was offensive. But now exactly this place is proof that the wealth of baroque does not overwhelm, but also serve certain mission.

Liechtenstein museum enlivens the art. Famous Austrian architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach was one of the people who sought the opportunity to build the palace of the Order of Duke Adam I.

However, he became engaged in the project of Belveder Palace. If you also want to explore historical places in Vienna then it would be the best idea if you can hire a travel guide from companies such as https://www.vienna4friends.com/.

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The entire building is a blend of urban style and the country, the Romanesque and Baroque, and represents the conservative tastes of the prince. Not only the facade and interior can impress, but also the private collection of the Liechtenstein family, and particularly the collection of prince Adam II of Liechtenstein.

The public can see works of the greatest painters of four years, from the Renaissance to Romanticism. There are displayed paintings of Rafael, the Breugle family, Peter Paul Ruben, Anton van Dyck, Fransa Hals, Rembrandt, Franza Messerschmidt, Jakob Gabriel Mollinarolo, Giambologna and Adrian de Fries.

This is certainly the reason why tourists can not miss the visit of the Liechtenstein Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to present the spectator the historical integrity, not the division of different types of art. The paintings and sculptures are integrated artistic decoration inside creating the set.

Follow These Tips for the Safety of your Belongings in a Hostel


Modern hostels usually provide lockers to travelers to keep their belongings. However, there are times where you may never find a locker due to being full especially during the peak season. Then what would you do? Follow these tips and you are bound to keep your items safe during your stay in a hostel.

  1. Read a few Reviews – Before you book your stay, look online for a few reviews about the hostel you wish to stay in. The reviews of previous travelers will offer a bigger picture.
  2. Get a Padlock – During the event of lockers being full, bringing a padlock helps for the longer run. This item ensures the safety of your items. Make sure you bring the right type that fits the right size. Moreover, consider getting a padlock with a number mechanism which is more-safer.
  3. Act Normally – Make sure you act normally in front of other travelers with your items. You may be carrying an expensive item such as a camera lens or a laptop where the intention of other travelers is never clear. Acting normally and not showing off is the best way to do.
  4. Carry them Yourself – You also have the option of carrying your items every time you step out of the hostel for a trip outside. Although, this option will make it a little heavy, however, you know the items are in safe hands.

These tips will help you to stay relaxed with your items while staying in a Krabi hostel.