The Right Time to go Tasting


The ideal time to go visit a vineyard and enjoy some wine tasting would be in the months of April to June during the spring season. This is peak season as the orchids will start blooming, creepers will have grapes growing on them, buds break on lush green plants all around you with a cool dry wind hitting your face. 

Throughout the winter it's not worth the plant's energy to stay green as there are not enough hours of sunshine and nor is the temperature high. During the spring season, you'll hear a lot about bud break in a vineyard. Now there are a few stages to bud break 

Early Phase

When the bud starts to push out and unfold. It's a basic transformation of energy that was conserved during the winters through photosynthesis. 

Second Phase

When photosynthesis occurs again in the spring season the plants shoot out and grow and this phenomenon is called 'rapid shoot development'.

Third Phase

It’s flowering. The buds bloom flowers which will soon turn into berries. This is a very crucial stage for the plant as any kind of adverse temperature, heavy rain, wind storm can damage the plant 

Last Phase

The flowers turn into berries and are soon ready to harvest and be used to produce wine. The wine is extracted from these fruits and processed to get the finished product.

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