How To Reinstall An Operating System Using Rufus

Sometimes computers crash because of the errors in the OS or errors the hardware itself. However, most of the errors are software system errors. It’s very easy to diagnose software errors and fix them. Today, I am going to show you how to reinstall your OS in order to fix system errors. I am going to install the OS by creating a bootable USB stick. I am going to use Rufus to create the bootable USB. With this program, you can easily install your desired operating system on your computer without the need for a CDs and DVDs. This is especially useful for devices such as ultrabooks, tablets and netbooks that comes without a CD and DVD drive. Since the installation from USB drive is faster than CD and DVD drives, operating system installation will take less time than usual. 

So the process I am about to show you is very simple. There is nothing complicated about booting from a USB flash drive. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions carefully and everything will work. Rufus is a portable software and therefore you don’t have to install it to use. You can simply download it and run it right away. When you run Rufus after downloading it, a very simple interface will appear. On that interface, you will see an area for the ISO selection and USB drive selection. Even though Rufus has an area for USB selection, you don’t have to manually select it since Rufus has the ability to detect the USB drives that are plugged in to your computer. Once it is detected by the software, it will show up on that field.

After that, you can proceed to the next step, which is ISO selection. Just locate the ISO file by clicking on the “Browse” button and now you are all set. Click on “Start” and it will take few minutes to complete. After that, you can pull out the USB and boot your PC from it.

If you don’t know how to enter your BIOS, then let's understand how to enter the BIOS. As you know, the BIOS is located on a chip on the motherboard. There are many computer brands in the world and therefore, there is no single key to be entered. The most commonly used keys are F2 , F8  or F1. If that also doesn’t work, you may have to contact your computer manufacturer. You can also do a quick search like this this and I’m sure that you will be able to find this easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online Video Converter

The biggest advantage and disadvantage of using an online video converter are that it can give you a better option if you have a clip that you want to convert to other formats, an example from AVI to MP4, or from MP4 to MPEG. You can achieve this by using a video converter, whether online or by installing a software on your computer. Just like desktop converters, an online video converter lets you convert online videos to mp4 as well as other video formats. However, the good news for those who do not know, you can always edit the videos once you convert them to an mp4.

It would be great if the video converters also offer features in the editing portion, but this is not the case. What I mean by this is that they allow you to sort and select the content you want to send to your computer in terms of categories, so that you will not be limited with the clip, if you want to save some time.

Advantages can be said by both sides, especially for the experts, if you are a beginner and would like to do the conversion on your own. These video converters also offer different ways to remove the motion blur effects that are commonly seen in the clips that are edited and converted to a standard. There are several advantages though, there are also disadvantages, but this depends on the kind of online converter you decide to use.

If you want to learn more about what advantages and disadvantages are that these converters can offer you, you can look at other articles that can help you to make a good decision, whether you want to use an online video converter or not. Before you actually make your purchase, there are a few things that you need to consider first.

You need to decide what you want to do with the clip. If you want to share it with your friends, then you need to know that the clip can be easily sent through email and no one would be able to stop you from using it. But if you are going to edit it, you might have to add effects and it would be difficult for others to view it. As mentioned above, the advantage is that you can easily transfer the video converter to your PC, this is a feature that most of the viewers do not have. This makes the conversion very easy and if you want to have a professional quality clip converted, it would be ideal for you to use this feature. Most of the conversion websites will offer you the ability to create a custom-made clip, but when you are doing the conversion, the process is very time-consuming.

The disadvantage is that you cannot simply make the video converter as a part of your website. This is one of the major disadvantages that people do not know if they are going to use the converter with their website. If you want to use this feature on your website, you will have to invest some money in it, otherwise, you will have to pay for it every time that you will want to use the clip on your website.

If you choose to use the clip in your website, the clip will require a bit of time, but if you know how to use it, you can easily resize, it will be easily viewable by the viewers. To avoid the disadvantages, if you use the clip on your website, then it would be best for you to use a professional converter, which offers the same features that you will see in the converter. The good thing about the professional converters is that they offer an extra feature, which allows you to upload the clip that you will be using.

How To Install WN3000RPv3 As Range Extender?

The instructions to install WN3000RPv3 as a range extender are discussed in the blog post using the Netgear genie smart setup.

How to setup WN3000RPv3:

  1. Place the extender and the router in the same room.
  2. The internet connection must be available from the router end.
  3. Plug the extender into the outlet and wait for the LED to become solid. If the extender is still not turning on, then press the On/off button.
  4. Connect the wireless device to the range extender either wired or wirelessly. Search for Netgear_Ext as an SSID in the network list.
  5. Open a web browser and start installing the Netgear genie extenderusing Range extender and press Continue.

Note: If you dont find any setup wizard, then enter Mywifiext or IP address of the extender in the address bar. You need to enter the username and password.

  1. Wait for the extender to display the available networks in the range. Select the Network followed by Continue.
  2. Enter the password for the main network and press Continue.
  3. The SSID by default is Netgear_Ext. Select the same security and password for the range extender as that for the existing network. If you want, you can change the SSID and the password of your wireless network. You will even get a pop-up window prompting you to change the SSID of your range extender.
  4. Dont forget to uncheck the box given next to Use the same security and password. Once the changes are done, press Continue.
  5. You will get the notification for the same on the screen.
  6. Press Continue.
  7. Now, you need to check the LED status on the extender and see if there is a good internet connection or not. If the connection is proper, you can click on Finish to end the setup.

This is all about the process to install the WN3000RPv3 as a range extender. The steps are discussed in a simplified manner so that the user can easily understand. In case you are getting any problem feel free to contact the extender experts. They will even let you know the optimum location for the placement of the router and extender that will help to boost its performance.

Why Your Business Or Website Need A Security

Setting up an internet business isn't a simple job.  As a site owner, you have to look many details to guarantee success. You need not just create the merchandise to market however, you also have to have the ability to market them into the world.

So how can you show people your site can be reliable? How do you convince people on your sincerity? It is possible to impress with the standard of your services or products. Yet some clients can simply give their trust if they know you.

A safety seal in your site suggests you have a long-term business to conduct and are severe. If customers elect to work with you, they're more confident that your company will support their needs correctly.  Thus, they won't be less reluctant to purchase from you. If you also want to secure your site from spywares or malwares then you can take web security solutions from companies like CodeSealer

It's possible to really make each these things occur on your site, readily, if you'd like. A site security seal is the first step in demonstrating how you run your internet enterprise. It demonstrates that you're eager to go beyond regular measures to verify the legitimacy of your company for people.

What's more, if you're subscribed to a safety seal, then in addition, it suggests that you want for the company to remain around for the long run. There are online sites which just stay online for several months or weeks and afterwards, they suddenly vanish or be abandoned. 

How To Apply Foundation With An Airbrush

Hey Ladies! Karen here. Today I want to talk to you about foundation and how to apply it with the right airbrush brush. For those of you that may not be aware of what foundation is all about, I will quickly explain before we get started. 

The foundation is the base on which makeup on the face is applied, it helps the face look uniform and smooth. The foundation has to be selected carefully and applied properly to the face, if  the makeup is to be effective. Foundation can be applied to the entire face or only to part of  the face. Some foundation makeup products include a concealer / powder. Colour cosmetics can be directly applied after using these foundation products.

You can see great examples of how to properly apply foundation using an airbrush makeup kit here

It is important to select a foundation which matches the natural skin colour. Most cosmetic stores provide free samples of  foundation. This can be applied to the skin on the jaw line and neck, which closely matches the colour and tone of skin on the face. The foundation should be checked under different light settings including natural light.

Sometimes , two or more shades of  foundation may need to be applied for best results.  Once you have found a foundation which suits you, take your old bottle of foundation with you, when you  go shopping. You can save time and select a matching shade directly without testing different shades on yourself again

There are three types of foundation available – liquid, cream and powder. A liquid foundation should be applied to the face with a makeup sponge for uniform coverage on the face. A small amount has to be applied to the various spots and then spread slowly. For a cream or powder , an applicator will have to be used. Foundation used for oily skin should not contain any oil. For combination skin, foundation should be water based and for dry skin, it should contain oil.

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