Zoo Party: Bring the Zoo to You

Children love to visit zoos. Children can observe dangerous and exotic animals and learn about them while they are there. It was thought that it should be interactive and opened the London Zoo's first children's zoo in 1938. The children could interact with the animals in a new way by walking among them.

The first mobile zoo in Australia was established in 1992. The animals could be brought to your home, school, or child care center. This idea was a hit and you can now find these mobile services everywhere.

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Adults-only Halloween event 'Brewfari' benefits Indy Zoo

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Ponies, sheep, guinea pigs, miniature donkeys, and rabbits are all peaceful and can be domesticated in most cases. Children are not likely to be harmed by them, so it is a great place for your child to learn about animals. 

These animals can be touched, brushed, fed, and manipulated by children in their backyards or at their parents' work events. Because they offer something new, mobile zoos make great birthday parties. For a memorable party, you can even use the theme.

Children love adventure, so why not hide some plastic animals in a room and give them butterflies nets to catch them? They can be entertained while they prepare the real animals, and it allows them to burn some energy before engaging with them.

Who said zoos had to be exclusive and only accessible through the eyes? Many animals love the attention mobile zoos provide, and so do the children!


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