Tips For Learning Design Online

The world of illustration and design can be fun, but it's also a dedicated craft that requires a healthy amount of skill in order to separate yourself from the other designers out there. If you've been waiting to break into this industry but wanted to cut your learning curve down, this article will show you how to learn design online effectively and comprehensively. Here are 10 tips to follow:

1. Check out comprehensive blogs that teach design. Blogs like don't only teach you the basics; they go a step further and tell you what it's like to live in the graphic design industry and review the technology that will keep you there.

You can read more here if you want to know more about Elearning design and development.

2. Run an 80/20 analysis of what you need to do. In any given field, it's possible to focus on the critical few things ("the 20%") that have the most effect ("80%") on your results. Run an 80/20 analysis for yourself – what do you really need to focus on to break into the design industry? Do you really need business cards right now, or can your time be better spent elsewhere?

3. Focus on a select few software platforms. Sure, it'd be nice to be a master at every program in the Adobe Creative Suite, but that will take a whole lot of time. With the 80/20 idea in mind, focus on the ones that interest you the most, and become very good at using these programs. You'll avoid spreading yourself too thin.

4. Model what others have done. Find blogs written by people who have made it in the design industry and read their advice, looking to model what they've done. You don't necessarily need to copy all of their strategies, but you should at least keep in mind what they say are common rookie mistakes. Why? So that you don't make them!

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