The Instructions On Using The Heavy-Duty Stapler

Heavy staplers are different from office staplers. Heavy staples may contain pages of thicker paper together.

Typically, these staplers can staple 20-50 pages. You will find that these staplers are available in many models and brands. To get more details about rose gold staplers you may see it here.

rose gold stapler

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When you want to use one heavy manual stapler, you will find that the staplers are similar to using stapler's manual workstations. To give you the ease of use of office supply.

First, you need to insert the staples in the stapler robust you will use. In general, there is a button on the back of the stapler which releases a spring.

Second, you need to collect the paper that will staple. In this case, you must ensure that the capacity of the stapler holds the papers you staple.

In general, it is 20 to 50 leaves. Also, you will find heavy staplers that can hold up to 120 pages.

Third, you need to push the stapler down on the paper. There will be a short click if the staple was inserted perfectly.

After having heard the sound "click", you must remove your hand from the stapler so that it returns to its previous position.

Then, remove the paper you have stapled. You can repeat the first and second steps if there are many stacks of paper that you should staple.

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