The Difference Between Red And Rose Wine

Winemaking represents an art of its own, with so many types and varieties of wines that will make your head spin just by thinking about them, let alone drink them.

We should simplify by dividing the wines into major groups. These major groups adopt certain criteria to help assign each wine into its own group. If you want to get more information regarding online wine courses then you can navigate to

These criteria are predominantly based on colour, ageing, and appearance. Based on these criteria wines are divided into six major groups: red, white, rose, sparkling, dessert and fortified wines.

The main obvious difference between red and rose wines is, of course, the colour, which is deep and intense in red wines and pale and transparent in rose wines.

Knowing the fact that red and rose wines can be made from the same grape variety, here arises the question: how is the difference in colour achieved.

Well, there is a common misconception about this that rose wine is made by diluting or mixing a small amount of red wine with white wine. But if you do this you will get a rose-coloured wine but technically you will be mixing two types of wines and have wines from two different types of grapes and that does not fit into the category of rose wine.

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