The Business Immigration Program in Canada

The favorable policy and responses enacted to help the rise of the Canadian economy are well recorded, together with government agencies charged with the duty of immigration policies consistently redeveloping theories and strategies in a bid to streamline the process while still meeting the rising demand for skilled employees.

This system aims to encourage economic prosperity by bringing entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed people with the expertise, capital, and skills needed to flourish within their various businesses. The program itself intends to create commercial opportunities to boost access to developing international exchange markets by supporting immigration. If you are looking for a business immigration lawyer in Canada then visit

The program under the business immigration program may be drawn up under three differing classes, each with specific requirements of program and qualification, being termed entrepreneur, investor, and self-explanatory respectively. To qualify for the investor application, people have to have the ability to verify they are worth at CA$800,000, possess extensive managerial expertise alongside a desire to invest CA$400,000 to a bonded venture that's guaranteed and managed by citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The Business Immigration Program in Canada

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The entrepreneur application stipulates the candidate needs to have a net worth of CA$300,000 and also be eager to buy a company that won't just support their loved ones but brings about the production of new places for Canadian workers.

Under the standards for your self-employed person's application, people must demonstrate they are in a position to support themselves as well as relatives or acquaintances within the program, together with the ability to supply their income through farming, artistic and sporting ventures.

The extra advantage of employing through the company program, in whatever category is appropriate, depends upon approval, applicants and their immediate family get permanent resident status, together with the capacity to apply for citizenship after three decades.

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