Things You Need To Know About Refrigerated Air Dryers

The compressed air dryer is a special filter system that has been specially developed to remove the water contained in the compressed air. The process of compressed air increases the temperature and concentrates atmospheric pollutants, especially water vapor.

The refrigerated air dryers is the most commonly used compressed air dryer. They remove water from the air stream by cooling the air to about 3°C (38°F) and effectively condensing moisture in a controlled environment. 3°C (38°F) is a realistic lower limit for refrigeration dryers, as there is a risk of the water freezing at lower temperatures. 

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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They are commonly referred to as primary dryers and typically produce air quality suitable for about 95% of all compressed air applications.

Refrigeration dryers use two heat exchangers, one for air-to-air and one for air-to-cooler. The compressors used in this type of dryer are usually airtight and the gases most commonly used are R-134a and R-410a for smaller air dryers up to 100 cfm. 

Older and larger dryers still use R-22 and R-404a refrigerants. The job of the two heat exchangers is that the cold exhaust air cools the hot intake air and reduces the required compressor size. 

Refrigeration dryers work on the same principle as household refrigerators or household air conditioning systems. The compressed air is cooled in an air-cooled heat exchanger to about 35°C, the temperature at which water vapor condenses and is removed.

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Air compressors are designed and intended to work in precisely the identical way as people use their lungs to put air into a balloon or hold their breath. Likewise, the air is compressed into tanks by decreasing its volume that finally causes a stream of greater pressure air when connected with a hose. To get more information about air compressors you can visit

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Compressed air offers many benefits, For example, it is an important instrument for the car as it makes certain your tires have the right pressure and finally saves your money and assists in burning gas if your tires are filled to the proper pressure. 

An air compressor comprises different components and accessories.Some of them are:

Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are typically composed of rubber. These mounting blocks aid in increasing the life span of the system and reduce vibration by approximately 50%.Drain PetcockTo be able to prevent air leakage a drain petcock is utilized.  

Using a drain petcock that's made from brass on the compressor tank will offer a strong seal. They can be found in various sizes depending upon the form of the user's system. 

Portable tanks

The majority of the users purchase portable tanks that could easily get filled at any worksite or area.These tanks come in handy during situations like flat tires or other occasions. 

Compressor Oil 

Using top-quality compressor oil provides better protection from unsound scenarios and decreases the carbon which builds on the valves.Oil with superior quality makes the compressor run easily without making any excess sound.