Some Ideas About Butane Heaters

Butane and propane gas heaters are ideal for heating your patio. Your cool summer evenings can be a lot of fun with a garden heater. People have always used propane or butane gas for their garden heaters, giving you the added benefit of sitting outside in your yard or garden on those frigid summer evenings. It also means you can use your yard for BBQ parties if you have the ability to keep your yard warm.

Usually, garden or indoor heaters are made of stainless steel or black and stand on a pedestal. You can also find catalytic heaters that can be placed on a bench or patio table.

Most gas heaters have the same principle of operation. They contain bottles of butane or propane gas that are placed in a compartment at the bottom of the stove outside. It is connected to the burner in the heater via a hose. You can control the amount of heat you want to generate. Some of the better models even offer switches and even have small lights to light them up in the dark.

These heaters do not require much maintenance other than replacing gas cylinders when empty. The only thing to keep in mind is that they must be closed when not in use.

Butane heaters are also not very expensive to use. Gas cylinders come in a variety of capacities from six to thirteen pounds and usually cost about a dollar per hour of use. And you can swap your bottle when it's empty.

Gas heaters have been found to serve you better than various other garden or indoor heaters, especially when you need to heat more air. Like butane heaters, halogen electric heaters have low operating costs, but they only work by emitting heat and not actually heating the air, while chimneys and stoves are efficient but not as portable as hopper-type butane heaters.

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