Solar Companies Fight For Their Future

The best solar panel installers Phoenix Arizona has to offer have come together to find solutions to today's solar industry challenges. Although conditions in Arizona seem perfect for the solar industry, utilities are darkening the future for residential and commercial solar installation companies.

Phoenix Arizona has more than 300 sunny days, laws supporting the growth of solar energy development, and thousands of applicants on waiting lists for solar panels; all the perfect elements to establish a sustainable solar industry. A study by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association states that Arizona is doing very well when it comes to solar installations. However, GTM Research's Shayle Kann contradicts the study results, claiming that utilities are both the cause and the problem for the potential future of the solar industry. You can also get additional information on solar power from Infinityenergy.

Solar installation business owners claim APS and SRP businesses have exceeded their timeline targets to meet Arizona's renewable energy standard to produce 15% of their retail energy from renewable sources for the year 2025 with a percentage of that energy coming from commercial and residential solar panel installations owned by people other than the corporation. They say that now that SRP and APS are ahead of the game, they have discontinued the incentive programs until further notice.

Solar companies have come together and are working to create ways to save their businesses while they wait for the utilities to reallocate incentives. Meanwhile, most manufacturers confirm that they are getting tons of demand, with most of it coming from utilities. SRP, for its part, is exclusively looking for photovoltaic energy for power plants.


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