How to Learn Quran Fast Online

Life has become very fast with the rapid emergence of technology. People want to get to their destination quickly; want to eat fast food; even they want to learn the Quran quickly. Of course, the Quran application available in the play store will help you learn the holy Quran online quickly. With the help of the latest techniques, the Quran can be learned quickly.

Studying God's Book is no ordinary act. By studying the Quran, you will learn the basic principles of Islam. A quick study of the Quran is not worth applauding activity. It deserves thumbs up for studying the Quran carefully.

• Learn Tajweed

You are a Muslim and studying the Quran is obligatory for you. However, you need to learn the Quran using Tajweed (a set of rules on how to read the Book of Allah). This is like; Learn how to pronounce each letter of the Arabic alphabet.

• Study the Quran carefully

Some people are willing to do the fast recitation. Allah SWT does not approve of this action. Allah has asked Muslims to read the Quran in moderation; not too fast or very slow. Also, it is recommended that Muslims read the Quran in a beautiful voice with the right accent. You are not in a hurry to read quickly. Accuracy is very important.

A quick study of the Quran is considered a great achievement. However, it is more important to study the Quran precisely according to the Tajweed.

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