How To Find The Right Fitting Material?

Pipe and fitting components are widely used in plumbing systems to join tubing sections and straight pipes to adapt to varied shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they may also be used to regulate or measure fluid flow.

Some of the most commonly used materials used for manufacturing pipe and fitting’s such as carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. Moreover, ping hangers, flanges, bolts, adjustable clevis, thread cutter( which is also known as ไม้แขวนเสื้อ, หน้าแปลน, สลักเกลียว, เคลวิสแบบปรับได้, เครื่องตัดด้ายin the Thai language)and other more equipment’s is used for pipe support system.

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Usually, the body of pipe and fittings is same as the material of pipe to be connected, such as steel, copper, PVC, CPVC, ABS etc. Therefore, any material that you choose should be compatible with the rest of the entire system, the fluid to be transported, and the pressure and temperature both inside and out.

There is also a many small nuts, bolts, screws, washers and other hardware equipment such as screw drivers, testers, pullers and other equipments which are made of SS.

These materials which are made of SS are very strong enough to hold heavy weights and can be easily screwed or bolted tightly on different things at home or anywhere else.