How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot?

If you have not yet heard of a Facebook Chatbot, you may want to know what it is and how you can use it. You may be looking for a way to provide assistance with a message or another form of interaction on your Facebook page.

What makes a Messenger Bot different from the usual email or IM service is that it can send out a response automatically, in case a user sends the right type of message to the bot. This means it can do things like reply with a smiley face or even make a comment about the sent message. This is accomplished through an artificial intelligence, which has the ability to translate messages from different sources into a format the Messenger Bot understands.

Messenger bots are popularly used by businesses that want to expand their customer base. These businesses run the bots on their own servers so that it's possible to update them with new information without having to update all the business' clients individually.

Today, Facebook continues to introduce more features into the Messenger platform. Facebook Bot is one of these features.

Facebook's overall system allows the user to search for a Bot through several ways. The first method is to search for a message that contains the word 'Bot'. A list of all Bots available will be displayed.

Another method is to search for an "Agent" that will be able to search for the user and alert them of a newly installed Bot. In this way, both are located in the Agent's profile.

Thirdly, one can select a preferred agent, which they believe is the most trusted among the others or one they most likely uses, by checking their favorites applications in the App Store. When an agent is chosen, a new Bot will be chosen.

Bots are also made to integrate well with Facebook's API, which offers a host of features. The bot can access Facebook's news feed, posts from a user's wall, show pictures from the Facebook profile, chat with users, send friend requests and respond to messages, among other things.

It is recommended that a user should consider an API-driven application programming interface to make the most of their bots. With a well-written program, a user can always be assured that the bot is working properly.

Bot users can also have the option to create their own Bot. It can be as simple as copying and pasting code from one page to another.

Also, users can be able to accept a friend request. Once the user chooses a person they want to chat with, the bot will make it possible for the user to communicate with the selected bot.

These days, a user who wants to benefit from a bot can't rely solely on having a Website. Bots are integrated with the Facebook messenger platform to make things easier for users.

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