How Kidney Failure Can Compromise Overall Health

The kidney is the organ diverse performs many important tasks that help to support and sustain human life. Most people have two kidneys, each about the size of a fist and are located at the rear bottom of the body right in front of the lowest set of ribs.

Although many people know that the kidneys filter water and waste from the blood to form urine, few people realize that the kidneys also have some responsibilities that are totally unrelated to the filtration. You can also hire the best truvada kidney attorney via online sources.

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In order to truly appreciate why kidneys need to diligently protected, one must learn about the signs and symptoms of the systemic results of prolonged renal failure. Many professionals working in the renal care industry hoping that increased public awareness of the role of the kidneys will help to reverse the current trend towards a higher prevalence of the end-stage renal disease.

A kidney is mainly designed to remove excess water and waste from the bloodstream which have been transported out of the cell as a byproduct of normal metabolism created.

This task is accomplished through the use of a complex network of blood vessels, tubes collect and permeable membrane in each kidney. As blood moves through the kidneys, the meeting of the membrane containing pores just large enough to allow small particles such as water and sewage through.

Nutrients are accidentally filtered and who still have some use in the body is absorbed while the remaining filtrate was transported to the bladder where it is stored until it can be excreted as urine.

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