Fashion Tips for Various Body Types

Being fashionable means more than just following the latest trends and wearing designer clothes. The most important thing about being fashionable is to do most of what you have to do. Different body types have different benefits and different problem areas.

Here are some fashion tips for the rectangle, apple, and hourglass types. You can also get the best men’s fashion tips online.

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Rectangular body type

Women with this body type usually have thin hips, waists, and shoulders. In fact, for the most part, these three parts of the body are approximately the same width (hence the shape of a rectangle). They usually look athletic, especially if they are on the thin scale.

Her arms and legs are her best traits. You also don't have to worry about minimizing other parts of your body. However, you should try to make an indentation while demonstrating these skinny limbs.

Apple shaped body type

If you have this body type, you most likely have narrow thighs and a very localized torso. This can be seen on your broad shoulders, back, and ribs. However, your feet can be considered your body's best asset. To overcome this imbalance, try to make your upper body look longer while showing off those legs.

Solid color displays work best. You should also try wearing a V-neck top as it will give the impression that you have a longer torso. Dresses are also great for hiding the bulges on your belly. Make sure the bra provides you with adequate support as you will likely need it.

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