Be Prepared When the FDA Knocks on Your Door

It was a nightmare for drug makers: the phone rings and an FDA officials announced future examination. Without these inspections, pharmaceutical companies can not maintain FDA approval to sell their products.

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FDA task is to call in advance to announce the examination, destination, duration, and number of people involved. On the day of the inspection, FDA officials will ask to see the top management at the site, and he will show his credentials and FDA 'Inspection' to that person.

After that, a thorough examination of the facility will commence, while the tag of one or more key employees together. After a few days, the FDA will send 'observations Inspectional shape' leadership team to inform them about the unacceptable conditions that they have found in terms of products, processes, or other violations to the FD & C Act.

The test results can range from no action is necessary for the complete closure of the facility and administrative actions, civil, or criminal enterprises. Normally, the FDA will recommend action to improve its operation in line with the FD & C Act.

The best way to ensure a successful FDA inspection is to ensure that the facility complied with FDA regulations. Every employee should be aware of the products and FDA standards process for the area he tends. Employees must be trained to remain calm, respect, and following the formal request to the FDA, and to know their rights about what they have or do not have, say or show the FDA.

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