Are Cameras In Mobile Phones Better Than Dedicated Cameras?

Advancement in technology has made it possible to put a small camera on the phone in any case.

Despite the limitations of the initial camera phone, we love them and they become an item 'must-have' for many of us. We love them because suddenly it possible to take pictures anytime, anywhere. One can even check cell phone battery ratings online easily.

Younger people usually prefer camera phones because it opens up a new level of freedom.

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Now the camera in mobile phones has proved to us that they could be useful. We started using them in new ways. When you are standing in a store trying to describe something to someone on the phone, you can now send their pictures to see otherwise. Holiday snaps can be sent while you are still on the beach.

Mobile cameras have commercial use as well. Estate agents can quickly circulate pictures of new properties, and motorcycle dealers can use to send pictures of the car. Engineers can share problems or immediate resolution through photo messages.

Of course, the camera phone is still not quite as good as a dedicated camera. Each photographer will tell you that the essential elements required for taking high-quality photos are the lens.

The special camera lens on a much larger than those in camera phones, which means they are also better.


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