How To Install WN3000RPv3 As Range Extender?

The instructions to install WN3000RPv3 as a range extender are discussed in the blog post using the Netgear genie smart setup.

How to setup WN3000RPv3:

  1. Place the extender and the router in the same room.
  2. The internet connection must be available from the router end.
  3. Plug the extender into the outlet and wait for the LED to become solid. If the extender is still not turning on, then press the On/off button.
  4. Connect the wireless device to the range extender either wired or wirelessly. Search for Netgear_Ext as an SSID in the network list.
  5. Open a web browser and start installing the Netgear genie extenderusing Range extender and press Continue.

Note: If you dont find any setup wizard, then enter Mywifiext or IP address of the extender in the address bar. You need to enter the username and password.

  1. Wait for the extender to display the available networks in the range. Select the Network followed by Continue.
  2. Enter the password for the main network and press Continue.
  3. The SSID by default is Netgear_Ext. Select the same security and password for the range extender as that for the existing network. If you want, you can change the SSID and the password of your wireless network. You will even get a pop-up window prompting you to change the SSID of your range extender.
  4. Dont forget to uncheck the box given next to Use the same security and password. Once the changes are done, press Continue.
  5. You will get the notification for the same on the screen.
  6. Press Continue.
  7. Now, you need to check the LED status on the extender and see if there is a good internet connection or not. If the connection is proper, you can click on Finish to end the setup.

This is all about the process to install the WN3000RPv3 as a range extender. The steps are discussed in a simplified manner so that the user can easily understand. In case you are getting any problem feel free to contact the extender experts. They will even let you know the optimum location for the placement of the router and extender that will help to boost its performance.