Essential DIY Auto Body Repair Tips

It happens with everyone. You cut a stick, hit a stray wagon, or scratched your car door with a sharp object. The results are bad. Filing a claim for damages with your insurance company can increase your premium. If you have a bodywork repair appraisal, you already know that parts and labor alone can be very expensive.

However, there are other alternatives. You can fix it yourself. All it takes is an auto body frame puller, a little paint, and a few minutes of your time. The dents can be easily removed as long as your cover doesn't crack.

Pour a little hot, soapy water down the cavity and soak gently as if you were drowning a clogged sink. If it doesn't come right back, have a friend tape the other side with a light rubber hammer. Once removed, you can use soapy water to slide the plunger over the plate to stop the suction.

Essential DIY Auto Body Repair Tips

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For smaller indentations, you can place a small block of wood over the groove and tap the wood with a hammer to return the plate to its position. A light tap on the edge can force the metal to return to its original shape. However, be careful not to damage the finish. This will expose the metal and cause rust. Then you need to hire an auto repair specialist.

Most hardware and body stores sell paint. Pairing the right colors is easy because all you need to know is the make and model of your car. Each manufacturer has its color code and finding out what it is simple. Usually found on door panels or in glove boxes. If your car is being painted, you may need some guesswork. Even so, it wasn't that hard to understand.