Consider Your Case Wisely – Get Mediation Approach

You need to find good time to prepare a case statement for the divorce, land and water dispute. Combined with some legal research and a comparative review of case value, you should be prepared to intercede and resolve your case. 

Regardless of whether you are conducting private water rights mediation by appointment, do not delay the actual negotiation of your case. The importance of the mediation process is often underestimated. 

Water Rights Mediation: Costly Litigation Criticized in Missoula Public Water Takeover - Boileau Conflict Solutions

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Many speeches are prepared almost quickly or at the last minute. However, this is an opportunity to express your opinion before joining, similar to the short trial version. The use of this format can be a roadmap to be followed through mediation. 

The mediator benefits from the effort of detailed statements instead of a quick cut and paste effort. A few more details will give the mediator a better understanding of each side's point of view. This way, the mediator is not left in the dark about the nature of the case before starting. 

In short it is always appreciated, but more details are helpful. And that was before, not just a day or two before mediation. The outline is intended as a reminder during mediation. Using points, this brief can highlight important facts, witnesses, reports, strengths and weaknesses of the case. This will point participants in the right direction to maintain the bigger picture of the whole case. 

Often, during mediation, information is presented by one party or the other, which can be seen as unnecessary and unjustified, creating distraction and, for some, a waste of time. Using a brief summary presentation, focus is maintained throughout the mediation, regardless of what the other party is actually discussing.