What Are Weed Tinctures?

Marijuana tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabis, where the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and other cannabinoids are leached out and dispersed into alcohol.  Tinctures are typically stored in a bottle with a dropper and are consumed by dropping just a few drops either under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek. 

The tincture effect usually tastes quicker than edible because it is a sublingual delivery rather than a swallow. You can also buy weed concentrates online via http://barneysdelivery.com/product-category/concentrates/.

Although the height varies with the type of marijuana used, tinctures are known to peak fairly quickly and then reach a steady maximum over a long period of time.

Unlike eating weed, you don't have to wait an hour and a half wondering if you've reached your peak and if it's safe to go about your daily activities or whether you should seriously give up the house roast.

Plus, tinctures are odorless (unless you open the bottle!), So you can take them quietly with you anywhere and never have to worry about finding a place to smoke. Let's face it, even with a medical marijuana record, it makes sense to avoid the stress of entering the law and having to explain yourself.

Marijuana tinctures can be found in any food for making peanut tinctures such as ice cream, soups, gelatin, and even mashed potatoes in sauces. Salad juices and dressings are also food options to which tinctures can be added. If you choose to take your tincture in this way, you probably won't start right away, but you will still have long-term effects.

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