What Are The Documents Needed For Company Registration In Indonesia

To start a business at first we'll require to learn about the company registration procedure.

We have to know the correct and exact details of what documents are normally using to locate the company registration indonesia by emerhub. Let us briefly examine the documents.

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These certifications are essential to register a company.

PAN Card: The director's PAN card backup is necessary for the Association. It's a distinctive identification number provided by the income tax department.

It is compulsory for the directors while they are in the business process.

The PAN name will be issued by the ministry of corporate affairs about all the difficulties. We can change the name of the PAN if we are getting married or anything else.

Address Proof: the address also mandatory along with the PAN card of the proposed supervisor. The address proof must contain the name of the director.

The documents shouldn't older than 60 days. The below records are acceptable as the address evidence. Voter ID, Ration card, Passport, Driving license, Electricity bill, Telephone charge, and Aadhaar card.

Residential Proof:

The residential indications are mandatory when we submit the company registration records. The residential evidence also includes the name and address of the owner as mentioned in the PAN card.

These are okay as residential proof. Bank Statement, Electricity bill, phone bill, and mobile cost.

Below are the needed files necessary for a foreign national to include.

Passport: passport is required for foreign nationals. It is proof of identity. In case the passport does not include the date of birth, then an excess document is required to establish the Birthdate.

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