Types of Diabetes – Important Facts You Wanted to Know

If you are wondering exactly what type 1 diabetes and other kinds of diabetes are, you are at the perfect location. Type 1 diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes, which is determined by insulin treatment. You can learn more about Important facts about diabetes for you.

It's a chronic health condition wherein both pancreatic beta cells aren't able to make or handle insulin. Insulin is only a special hormone that aids in transporting sugar (derived from the food we consume ) to all of the cells within the human body for its proper function.

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When insulin is created or handled properly, glucose isn't dispersed throughout the entire body. Consequently, sugar accumulates in the blood and its own amount goes on rising. This accumulation of sugar in the blood results in diabetes. 

Diabetes Risk Factors

Despite it being accessible for the majority of the time today, the specific cause of this is still known. However, medical experts do conclude it is the human body's immune system, responsible for combating bad viruses and bacteria, erroneously attacks and destroys the pancreatic cancer cells.

While type 1 diabetes has been triggered when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, type 2 diabetes occurs when even though insulin is produced, the human body is unable to use it correctly.

In any case, other potential diabetes causes include obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle, family history, health history, ecological factors, immune system, etc. Obesity during pregnancy is among the significant risk factors for gestational diabetes.

Other symptoms include:

Increased appetite and appetite

Unintended weight loss

Irritability and mood swings

Blurred vision

Fatigue and fatigue.

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