Top Tips to Use LinkedIn to Generate Business

LinkedIn provides tools that allow you to create an entire profile for your company. These tools allow you to add your Web site address, description, the number of employees you have and what industry you're in.

By providing this information, you can connect on a more personal level with those customers or potential customers who view your company profile. You can browse online to get the best LinkedIn marketing services in Canberra.

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Once this information has been placed within the profile, you need to consider which person will be the face of the company. For example, if your company deals in the realm of finances, your CFO would be an appropriate choice. Ultimately, the face of your company should be able to speak to the brand and identity that you want to promote

Social networking tools are a powerful way to reach potential clients, customers and other businesses. LinkedIn not only acts as a social networking tool by providing a profile and communication platform for your business, but it also allows your company to cross-promote activities with other LinkedIn groups or on such social media sites as Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn provides text-based advertisements called "DirectAds". These ads run for 30-days and can be targeted using two criteria out of these seven: geography, age, gender, seniority, job function, company size and industry.

Using incentives to help grow and retain customers is another form of marketing that fits under the umbrella of loyalty management. LinkedIn provides your company the ability to enhance your relationships with your customers.

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