Things To Know About Wax Vaporizer Pens

Vape pens or vaporizer pens provide a feeling of smoking cannabis without producing any smoke. Various types of materials used in vaping pens may include active ingredients of marijuana, cannabis, etc. Some people use gels, thick oils, and concentrated herbal wax. If you like to smoke vape you should definitely check different flavors of wax archives at King Place Cannabis.

Wax and oil vaporizers

Wax vaporizers available in the market are used for vaping wax concentrates and other waxy materials like thick oils and e-solid gels. 

Wax vaporizers are available in various styles including desktop vaporizers, pen-shaped vaporizers, and portable vaporizers. These pens are considered the dab pens that can be used to remain undercover while vaping tactfully. 

Vape Wax

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These vaporizers use the conduction method to heat the wax concentrate to produce big clouds of smoke. 

Wax vaporizer pens are manufactured by various well-known companies and provided at a very reasonable price. Like various other vaporizers, concentrate pen vaporizer kits are also available in two models – convection wax heating kit and conduction wax heating kit.

  • Conduction heating kit: It is the best for vaping wax concentrates. It is available with various types of coils like dual rod quartz coil, titanium coil, ceramic coil, etc. 

The wax or other concentrates are put directly on the coil to produce the clouds of vapor by heating the materials instantly.

  • Convection heating kit: It is also preferred by many people because it distributes the air evenly within the heating chamber of the vaporizer to produce pure vapors. 

The vapors produced in this method are lighter in flavor and density. You can vape them lightly at an event or while traveling on foot. 

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