Things To Consider When Purchasing A Coil Binding Machine

It's worthwhile to do some research on the various models available to make sure you're getting the right machine for your needs before buying a coil binding device. It can be overwhelming to choose the right metal coil binding machine, given the variety of options available.

 Here are important things to keep in mind when comparing different coil binding machine models.

  • Punch Capacity – This is the punch capacity of a machine. It indicates how many pages can each pull. A 20-page punch capacity means that the machine can punch 20 pages at once. Documents larger than 20 pages must be punched in increments of 20 pages. This is often measured in regular 20 lb. 

This metric is usually expressed in terms of regular 20 lb. Simply put, the higher your punch capacity, the faster you can punch documents. You will be able to punch more sheets per pull, and therefore will have to separate documents into smaller sets.

  • Punch Operation – There are two ways to operate the punch: manually or electrically. To operate a punch manually, the user must pull a handle. The foot pedal and a button can be used to operate electric punches. 

The dies will automatically puncture the sheets when the button is pressed. The operator's pressure is what makes manual punches work, so fatigue is more likely. Manual punch machines have lower punch capacities than electric models because of this.

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