The Importance of Detail Engineering Services

The conceptual stage of any industrial project is given shape with the help of engineering studies that outline the salient features of the project.

Several studies are conducted to establish the credibility of the concept of the project and draw the bigger picture about the project. These studies require specialized knowledge about the particular type of industry and generally, consultants are entrusted with the job of conducting the studies.

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The phases of the study

The studies are divided into three categories that comprise of the following.

  • Basic engineering design – This includes the preliminary site plan and the conceptual studies of the process like process flow sheets, material balances, etc. Preparation of preliminary diagrams for instrument and piping, ascertaining the main equipment sizes, defining safety and control devices, and working out the specifications of effluents. It contains all other information that will be required for detailed engineering.
  • Front end engineering design – In this phase, the mechanical data sheets of the main equipment are prepared that are used for preparing the tender documents for the main equipment. The piping plan for the process and utility as well as the instrument diagrams are prepared. The site plan is prepared in detail and the layouts for piping, electrical; instrument, and civil works are completed.
  • Detail engineering – Detail engineering services include the development of piping and instrument diagrams to be used for construction, detailing of piping layout together with stress calculation and isometrics, and development of drawings pertaining to electrical, instrumentation, and civil works. This phase also includes the purchase of all equipment and finalizing start-up procedures, management of vendor drawings and tracking of schedules and cost.

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