The Family Law Concerns of a Paternity Attorney

A paternity lawyer is someone who practices family law, but there are a few family law lawyers who can be considered paternity attorneys. Finding out the paternity status of the child can be essential to determine who's financially accountable on behalf of the child.

It also determines who is entitled to the right to have custody of the child as well as other legal issues pertaining to the well-being of the child. You may need an experienced paternity lawyer to solve your family concerns.

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The attorney who is overseeing the father's legal issues related to paternity might be seeking to prove the man in fact is a parent to the baby they're requested to help.

The fact that a couple was married does not necessarily mean that the man was the father of the children that the woman had given birth to. The father's law concerns making sure that the wife's claim is right and that the children she gave birth to during the course of their union were actually his offspring.

Based on the court system in the majority of states, If a child was born to a woman who is married, her husband will automatically be assumed to be the parent to the baby.

If the couple decides to dissolve the marriage, the court will decide that the husband must pay financial support to any child born to his spouse after the wedding. The man must show that the child isn't his via an examination to determine paternity before the court is able to exempt the child from paying child support towards the child.


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