The Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Some families depend on oversized 13-gallon kitchen trash cans to house all of the weekly trash. These typically are big enough to comfortably accommodate such large items as single gallon-sized milk bottles, but certainly not so big that they hog valuable floor space in their kitchen. The trash that does end up in these larger cans is usually full of breakable glass, cans and bottles that have been thrown carelessly into them or brittle paper that has been stacked atop them. As a result, many times the trash is still full when it arrives at the local curbside. Sometimes, it's just inevitable that small, broken pieces of food and utensils wind up in the can. To keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free without having to constantly replace the trash, here are five ways to organize kitchen trash cans available at Best Kitchen Trash Cans – Home Stuff Reviews:

Clear the lids: One way to avoid having to open and close kitchen trash cans every time you are in the kitchen is to simply use specially designed lids. There are even models available that open up in two simple steps. These simple flip-top lids will keep your hands free while you are preparing food. In addition, they make great foot pedals for those long cooking periods. There are also models available with hinges, allowing you to lock or unlock the lid with your feet instead of opening your mouth. Just remember that some models do require that you remove the lid, but these usually have a safety latch devices that keep children from opening them.

Touch-top cans: You may prefer to have touch-top cans rather than pull-out trash cans, simply because you like the feel of having your hands on the lid. But if you do choose to use pull-out trash bins, there are a few things that you should consider. First, you should always get the smallest size possible, since the smallest size bin will typically take up the least space in your kitchen. You also want to make sure that the bins you get to match the style of appliances you have, so that you don't look like you are sticking-out your thumb and causing confusion among your friends and family.

Step-on lids: As the name suggests, step-on lids are designed to go over an open trash can and keep odors inside the can. However, they do require a little more work than regular trash cans, since you need to slide the lid onto the can in order to keep odors trapped. On the other hand, the benefit of using step-on lids far outweighs the little bit of extra work. You can also purchase plastic ones that will slip on and off your can easily, keeping odors trapped. These plastic step-on lids are especially convenient if you don't have a large number of cans lined up against the refrigerator or if you do not wish to spend time trying to lift and place each lid.

Plastic Food Storage Bags: For those of you who need a convenient way to store leftovers, there is nothing better than a large plastic bag. There are many brands available, and all offer similar features: a locking lid, a spacious interior, and durable construction. Food storage bags come in various capacities: from six gallons to sixty gallons, and they come in an assortment of colors, from natural to brighter colors such as red and blue. In a word, these are some of the most affordable, reusable solutions to storing leftovers. They are also some of the best when it comes to tracking down those hidden chips.

Stainless Steel Bins: Whether you use plastic or stainless steel kitchen trash cans, it is important to remember that both have advantages. The plastic versions are typically easier to clean, which makes them more appealing to many families, while the sturdiness of stainless steel makes them a great choice for families with children and pets. The problem with plastic is that it may break, while stainless steel is relatively non-breakable, but it is not as durable as its plastic counterpart. The best kitchen can choices are stainless steel, because they are both long lasting and sturdy, and are easy to maintain. If you are looking for the best kitchen can for your kitchen, you will find that there are many options to choose from.

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