The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

Imagine a peaceful birthing experience free from fear and pain. Does this sound like an oxymoron to you?  Hypnosis has effectively been used as an analgesic to help reduce pain and to reduce pain medication during childbirth for at least a century.

Only recently, it is beginning to gain some momentum and becoming a mainstream method for pain control during childbirth. You can browse online to know about the best hypnobirthing classes in Northern Beaches.

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Let's Talk About Pain

At least 70% of the experience of pain during childbirth is created by fear (emotion). The fear creates tension, which causes your muscles to tighten, resulting in physical pain. You can see how this will affect the birth process for not only you but your baby as well.

Hypnosis creates a totally peaceful state of relaxation, allowing your muscles to let go and completely relax. When this happens, the adrenaline is released, and, in effect, the pain. When the muscles are loose and relaxed, the baby is able to make its way through the birth canal so much more easily.

What are the Key Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Childbirth?

Several studies have been conducted in the area of hypnobirthing. Here is a run-down of the findings:

  • Women in their second or third trimesters are more suggestible (more easily able to achieve hypnosis)
  • Mothers benefit psychologically from hypnosis (no fear)
  • When used throughout the pregnancy, the mother-to-be had less fear or anxiety about the birth process or even about becoming a mother
  • During hypnosis, the woman's breathing takes on a natural rhythm

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