Relocation- A List Of Organizations That Need To Be Informed

There are many things to consider when traveling within London and it's easy to forget a thing or two if you do not have a handy checklist. Without a checklist, a person can just assume that they have covered everything without realizing they may have left important things. 

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Here is a list of organizations who need to be contacted while relocation: –

Telephone System

It's best to tell your phone company as soon as you are aware of the new address. This is so they can book an appointment for an engineer to install a new telephone line to your new address.

Depending on the location, you may be able to keep the same number. If you move to a different neighborhood as mentioned above, you have to change your number.


Most banks ask that you put the details of your new address in writing so they can be registered. If you have a new landline number, it would be better to add that in the letter. After settling down, you can even consider moving to the nearest branch.

Internet service provider

To get your Internet being the earliest possible implementation, you must inform your service provider. If you use the same company for your phone, you will be simply making a phone call.


The human resources department should be informed of your new address as you are responsible for reporting in the office.

HM Revenue & Customs

HM Revenue & Customs that deal with tax-related issues would need to know your move – this information is sometimes passed through by employers if you are an employee in an organization. You may need to call if you receive any form of benefits so that your information can be updated.