Know about Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Swimming pool solar heating is a usable choice option to keeping your pool warm throughout the year. It relies upon the method of heating water through a sequence of solar panels which are exposed to daylight, and absorb the heat.

It isn't primarily based on photoelectric cells that generate electrical energy from daylight, instead, it's a more direct conversion of heat in sunlight to heat in the water. You can purchase swimming pool heat pump online via

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The water is fed through the solar cells by the swimming pool pump. The solar panels can be installed on the roof of your place, or they can essentially be installed at ground zero in a bracket. The roof level panels are out of the way and not taking up any space in your garden, but the water may need a booster pump to help it battle against gravity on the way up.

In the northwards hemisphere, this implies that your panels meet face to the south. In the southern hemisphere, it's the other way round. Doing this means that you get the maximum efficient assimilation of heat in the coldest months of the year when you want the energy most of all.

But what happens on really hot days? Does this water continue to heat up until the pool is distressingly hot or dangerously hot? No, the solar system has a thermostatic controller which makes sure the temperature of the pool does not go too high.