Wide Range of Applications on Polystyrene Insulation

Polystyrene is a very popular material in today's fast-paced lifestyle. It is widely used in many home, office or industrial applications. The wide range of polystyrene makes it very popular in today's market due to its strong and durable material structure with other advantages.

Production capability

With modern technology, today's building through innovation & sustainability can easily produce high-quality polystyrene, which is more useful in many applications. 

Professional manufacturers can produce all commercial and industrial EPS orders quickly and inexpensively, especially in bulk. They have the right materials, equipment, machinery and technology, as well as production expertise, to produce the desired end product.

High quality EPS can be fabricated in the right environment using an efficient hot wire machine with the latest innovative CAD/CAM technology and precise temperatures.

Useful property

Industrial polystyrene is very popular for its high flexibility and durability. It is widely produced in a variety of densities to serve a wide range of commercial and industrial uses. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for high-level protection and softening of fragile objects.

Although polystyrene is very light, it is a very strong material that is used as insulation for many types of objects. The wide range of properties allows polystyrene to be used for many applications, as the expanded version encapsulates the specific thermal properties best suited for insulation applications.