Did You Know About The Liechtenstein Museum In Vienna?

The Liechtenstein Museum is, as many people say, a temple of baroque. For a long time that statement was offensive. But now exactly this place is proof that the wealth of baroque does not overwhelm, but also serve certain mission.

Liechtenstein museum enlivens the art. Famous Austrian architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach was one of the people who sought the opportunity to build the palace of the Order of Duke Adam I.

However, he became engaged in the project of Belveder Palace. If you also want to explore historical places in Vienna then it would be the best idea if you can hire a travel guide from companies such as https://www.vienna4friends.com/.

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The entire building is a blend of urban style and the country, the Romanesque and Baroque, and represents the conservative tastes of the prince. Not only the facade and interior can impress, but also the private collection of the Liechtenstein family, and particularly the collection of prince Adam II of Liechtenstein.

The public can see works of the greatest painters of four years, from the Renaissance to Romanticism. There are displayed paintings of Rafael, the Breugle family, Peter Paul Ruben, Anton van Dyck, Fransa Hals, Rembrandt, Franza Messerschmidt, Jakob Gabriel Mollinarolo, Giambologna and Adrian de Fries.

This is certainly the reason why tourists can not miss the visit of the Liechtenstein Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to present the spectator the historical integrity, not the division of different types of art. The paintings and sculptures are integrated artistic decoration inside creating the set.