Choosing the Right Home Air Compressor

The air compressor is used to transform electrical power or gas into kinetic energy by compressing air. The compressed air is then unleashed in quick bursts. This device is used for a number of purposes, ranging from powering tools such as wrenches, paint sprayers or grinder to blow up toy heartbeat or inflating tires.

The air compressor concept is new homes and most of us are not very aware about them. Thus, buying the right home air compressor can be a tough task for the buyers. Here are some easy tips on choosing the right home air ‘compressors’ (which is also called ‘kompressorer’ in the Norwegian language):

As mentioned above, the compressor works on the simple scientific formula: compressing gas (air) into a storage tank and then let off the compressed air in short bursts. We must consider that the pressure of the explosion should be strong enough to power a wide variety of tools.

The size of the storage tank is also an important factor. A larger tank is power tool for a large air compressor and a smaller tank is for small tank. But requirements vary with each individual bound. Say, you need a short burst of air to power tools such as impact wrench, while a paint sprayer will require bursts of air for long periods of time and most likely a bigger tank.

Determine the location where you intend to use the compressor. In case you decide to use the compressor in the house, the electric motor will be a safe choice. It was noted that the gasoline-powered compressor is regarded as more powerful than electric-powered compressor. However, the gasoline-powered compressor relative emits a lot of smoke, making it impossible to use them in the house or building.

The weight and shape are also a major factor in this regard. Horizontal compressor is lighter and easier to relocation. Vertical compressor requires less space to store.