All About the Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is considered a science as well as an art in the ability to heal a person from a center of well-being. By including the mind and spirit in the care of the body, holistic medicine focuses on the ability to obtain a personals health on an optimal level. Conventional medical therapies, as well as alternative therapies, are used to help a person achieve the best quality of life possible.

The prevention of disease is as important as treatment. Holistic doctors recommend medicine also considers the root cause of disease. Safety and education of patients are key focuses.

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The holistic doctor can assess the individual’s emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and lifestyle needs and create a treatment plan that fits their needs. To help them achieve their well-being and prevent further damage, the patient participates in the healing process.

Patients can avoid the onset of illness by being educated about their self-care and lifestyle. While holistic medicine can still be reliant on surgery and conventional drugs, the foundation is safety and patient choice.

Holistic medicine does not treat symptoms as patients might be used to in traditional medical settings. Instead, holistic medicine focuses on the root causes of disease and the treatment of those issues.