Domestic Vs Exotic Wood House Flooring

Whether you are building your ideal home or dealing with a home improvement project, choose flooring is one of the most important decisions you will make. Proper flooring adds value to the house and makes it a more valuable property.

With these factors in mind, you want to choose the best home floor with consideration for timber species. To get the information about the wood flooring, you may contact ‘architect Oslo via’ (also known as ‘arkitekter oslo via’ in Norway language).

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It used to be that most of the available wood floors are made of domestic species such as oak and pine. However, with the advancement of technology in harvesting and manufacturing of wood.

Domestic species of wood flooring include pine, ash, oak, and beech. Exotic hardwood flooring species are those that are found in South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Examples of exotic species including tigerwood, teak Brazil, Brazilian Walnut and purpleheart.

There is a lot of difference in the species of wood, as you may have seen with domestic species such as maple and oak. Maple is smooth and offers a smooth grain pattern, while oak feature-rich grain pattern and take the stain is quite good. 

Equally there throughout the domestic and exotic options, such as grain pattern, imperfections, and the ability to take in all the different stains. Exotic options have grown in popularity because of the unique differences.

If you choose environmentally friendly flooring is important to you, find out about the type of wood on the floor of the house and where the wood comes from. 

No matter the type of hardwood you choose, request samples, test them in your home and make a decision based on what suits your home, lifestyle, and budget.