How Antenatal Care Is Done?

Antenatal care is the care you get from health specialists to assure you have a healthy pregnancy. It carries information on support and services to make choices for you.

Antenatal appointments include regular care with an assistant, ultrasounds, and tests for you and your baby. To know more information about antenatal care, you can visit

antenatal care

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If you are healthy, and this is your first pregnancy, you will usually have 10-11 antenatal appointments. If you have had a healthy pregnancy, you might have less.

If you are fit and healthy and you are supposed to have a pregnancy without major problems, a small team of people will look after you. This will include a midwife and doctor. If your pregnancy is more complicated, then an obstetrician may be involved in your care as well.

There are the hospital and community midwives, who play these roles:

1. Midwives from the hospital are based in a birth center, midwife-led unit, obstetrics at the hospital, or unit consultant. They support you through labor, delivery, and the postnatal period.

2. Center midwives often operate in teams, which means you're expected to see the same small group of people. When you go to work, they can help with the birth of the house.

Other health professionals who can provide care, including:

1. A sonographer makes your scans.

2. A perinatologist or medicine specialist, an obstetrician who can provide more specialized care if you have a complicated pregnancy or medical condition