How To Apply Foundation With An Airbrush

Hey Ladies! Karen here. Today I want to talk to you about foundation and how to apply it with the right airbrush brush. For those of you that may not be aware of what foundation is all about, I will quickly explain before we get started. 

The foundation is the base on which makeup on the face is applied, it helps the face look uniform and smooth. The foundation has to be selected carefully and applied properly to the face, if  the makeup is to be effective. Foundation can be applied to the entire face or only to part of  the face. Some foundation makeup products include a concealer / powder. Colour cosmetics can be directly applied after using these foundation products.

You can see great examples of how to properly apply foundation using an airbrush makeup kit here

It is important to select a foundation which matches the natural skin colour. Most cosmetic stores provide free samples of  foundation. This can be applied to the skin on the jaw line and neck, which closely matches the colour and tone of skin on the face. The foundation should be checked under different light settings including natural light.

Sometimes , two or more shades of  foundation may need to be applied for best results.  Once you have found a foundation which suits you, take your old bottle of foundation with you, when you  go shopping. You can save time and select a matching shade directly without testing different shades on yourself again

There are three types of foundation available – liquid, cream and powder. A liquid foundation should be applied to the face with a makeup sponge for uniform coverage on the face. A small amount has to be applied to the various spots and then spread slowly. For a cream or powder , an applicator will have to be used. Foundation used for oily skin should not contain any oil. For combination skin, foundation should be water based and for dry skin, it should contain oil.

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