All About 5th Wheel Repair & Replacement In Concord, NC

For road safety and operational safety, an inspection of the tractor trailer's 5th wheel plate or kingpin is essential. However, it is often overlooked and not paid attention to cracked, corroded, or rusted parts that may need repair or replacement. If you want to repair your 5th wheel then you can look for the best quality repair and replacement in Concord, NC online.

5th Wheel Plate Repair and Replacement.

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Repair and replacement of 5th wheel plates:

1) The Inspection Phase

Verify wear on Kingpin: A kingpin gauge can be used to verify wear. The kingpin will replace if there is damage. Drivers may experience a loose or sliding trailer or even a runaway trailer due to a worn kingpin.

Greasing the 5th Wheel can prevent wear, and your kingpins will last longer.

Inspect supports for holes or rust damage (inside inspection).

Nonworking components should be checked for functionality.

2) Phase of Removal:

Disconnect electric and air

Cut floor screws and remove bottom rail rivets

Rebuild/restoration plans

3) Rebuild Phase

We first replace all rusted horizontal and vertical support gussets from the approach plate. Rarely, we will rebuild the entire plate using the measurements and specifications from the original plate.

Next, the rebuilt approach plate will be fitted to a new universal plate.

4) Reinstall Phase:

Fit new 5th-wheel plate, and run wires and connections.

Replace any damaged connections.

Redrill new rivet holes.

The 5th wheel plate has been rebuilt using 3/8 stainless rivets. These help to cover the work of the floor screws which were removed. These stainless rivets of 3/8 inch are stronger than any bolt, steel rivet, or aluminum rivet.

5) Phase of Testing:

Connect air/electrical connections.

You can test the durability and reliability of the plate.