Scratching basics of a DJ in London

Want to know how to scratch like a top-notch DJ? If you are learning how to become a DJ, learning how to scratch could be quite helpful and of course quite enjoyable too. There are a lot of different methods to become a successful DJ, but there are some basics that you need to learn first. These basics are the basis of several innovative scratching methods.

The first scratch is the baby scratch or the infant scratch. It is the first technique in which when you pull on the record backward and forwards along with your crossfader open. Be certain that you pull the record back and forth with no sudden jerky moves. Repeat these moves until you've got it smooth and nice. You can learn these basics from the best DJ agency in London, UK named DiamondDJs.

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Another basic scratch is scribble scratch. The scribble scratch is performed basically in the exact same manner as the baby scratch except that the motions are created at a shorter and quicker speed. Next to basic is military scratch. In this, the army scratch employs the fundamental technique of the infant scratch and incorporates the cross-fader. 

What you wish to do is infant scratch and as you are doing this, click on the fader in and out. Another one of the basics is Tears. Which are performed when you proceed with the record in a split fashion, dividing the forward and backward moves into multiple moves. When mastered, it actually provides a fantastic impact on the audio and certainly a fantastic tool for the scratching toolbox.

Another one is flare scratch. These are created when you blend the motion of the record on the turntable with rapid crossfader moves. The last basic of the scratch is called combos. You can use these techniques in combos. 


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