Potential Benefits of Truffle Salt

When you look in the dictionary, what does black truffle sea salt have to do with anything? Most people would respond "nothing". However, let's think about this for a second, shall we? Truffles are one of those delicious treats that have been around since the ancient world. While it's hard to imagine that the ancients actually enjoyed eating them, there is no doubt that they were a big part of medieval meals as well.

A truffle is actually the fruit of a small subterranean fissure or fruiting system of a fungus, primarily one of the families of Ascomycetes. There are also other genera of fungus in the same family that is also known as truffles such as Geopora and Peziza. Because of their round shape, they are often used in baking recipes. These delicious round mushrooms are also known for their ability to maintain their flavor even when left out at room temperature. It is for this reason that many people enjoy making their own homemade versions of truffle salt, choosing to add a hint of truffle flavor to many of their favorite dishes.

One of the most popular ways to make use of truffle salt is in a savory appetizer recipe. Using it in this way allows you to be able to bring out the true flavor of the foods you are creating, while still keeping it very simple and easy to incorporate into any kind of meal. Here are some of our favorites appetizer recipes using truffle salt.

First off, to make your truffle salt an appetizer, try coating steak slices with it. You can coat them in olive oil as well, which will give them a nice pink color. Place the steak on a tray and put a bunch of them on top of it. Leave them on for about thirty minutes to allow the flavors to seep into the steak. When done, serve these little gems with some crusty bread slices and your favorite salad.

If you are looking for great breakfast food, consider serving truffle salt scrambled eggs. This is one of those quick and easy morning dishes that everyone loves to sink their teeth into. Start out by scrambling your eggs, then transfer the mixture to a high-quality crockpot. Set the crock pot's timer to five minutes and then give the eggs a few minutes to set up. Once they are fully set, then just add in your truffle salt and pepper and give it a couple of minutes to cook.

Another great breakfast treat to serve is truffle oil tortilla chips. These chips are always a welcome addition to any morning meal and with the addition of truffle salt and pepper, make for an awesome snack. To make this a truly healthy dish, be sure to use a high-quality tortilla chip that has no artificial ingredients in it. Another great thing about these chips is that you can eat them with your morning coffee. This is definitely going to make you feel full for a long way.

There have also been some wonderful stories about black truffle sea salt and how it can help those who have digestion problems. Ingesting truffle salt has been known to promote proper digestion and it also contains a high-quality of magnesium which can help promote proper blood circulation. While it is true that these claims are somewhat exaggerated, the potential benefits are still very real. It is important to take high-quality calcium along with your calcium supplements. If you do not, then you may want to consider either eating more leafy greens or taking a calcium supplement in order to properly absorb the minerals from the leafy greens you eat.

The best truffle salt will also contain high-quality manganese, zinc, iron, and copper all in one supplement. In addition, it should also contain essential fatty acids and amino acids just like the best gourmet brand vitamins. It should also have a pH level of 7.4, which makes it ideal for using as a food seasoning. You'll find many different brands on the market today, but make sure that you buy only the best truffle salt on the market because it will not only taste good but will also be healthy for you.

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