Online Life Coach Certification Training in Adelaide

"Online life coaching just isn't for me personally." That's exactly what I stated around a year ago as soon as somebody informed me of online life coach certification training. The very last thing I wish to resort to is de-humanizing the field of life coaching by having individuals speak with a computer.

Plus online coaching is difficult and technical. I simply cannot decipher it. Online coaching certification training is most likely for 'nerds' who choose to consider themselves coaches yet can't be considered a decent life coach once they tried.

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That all transformed after I observed an online coaching session occurring via a video clip. I recognized that online coaching might actually be human and we could definitely connect clients online. That's exactly when I committed to actually learning the 'technical' aspect of it. This is when my personal online life coach certification training began.

Three Simple Online Life Coach Certification Training Secrets

Throughout the online certification method, I have discovered there are three secrets of acquiring coaching clients online.

First Secret of an Online Coaching Business: Attract More Clients

This may be hard to believe but online coaching businesses attract more clients than offline coaching businesses. It's a lot easier to produce coaching prospects. It's simpler to attract clients who are seeking what you are offering. An online coaching business is definitely the simplest way possible to put together the clients seeking coaching and online coaches.

Second Secret: Make More Money per Purchase

While taking my online life coach certification training I discovered I could actually make more money from my online coaching business because I could mentor several clients at a time (more intimately) and it cost me less to deliver information to my new online coaching clients. Why? Because I didn't have to produce and ship all the physical CD's and workbooks any longer! All materials were delivered electronically which is very economical.

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