Learning Wine Making With Professional Wine Making Course

So, you have been making your own wine at home, it is good but you feel it could be more better with professional courses. You are ready to take your winemaking skills to a new level. How to do this? Well, why not a wine making course? You can also look for the best wine tasting course online.

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Wine making courses are now available online and through educational facilities and distance learning. The Internet has really come into it's own, with courses. It is an ideal way to learn, your own time and often times your own pace.

You can also find out more about learning winemaking from the courses offered online and without the hassle of going from place to place, campus to campus.

As home wine making has become so popular, winemaking courses are often offered through your local brew shop. Your local brew shop would be the best place to start your enquiries if you wish to have a hands-on type course. Often times they run their own course for their customers to help them get off to a good start. 

This course, introduction to Winemaking, is suited to people with access to grapes and who wish to produce their own wine as a hobby, salespeople working in industries allied to winemaking, those considering entering the wine industry, people employing consultant winemakers and interested consumers.

It covers a range of winemaking topics that will enable students to gain a good understanding of the practical skills required to make a sound table wine.

The topics covered in this short course include:

  • Assessing fruit quality
  • Juice extraction – crushing and pressing
  • Yeast and the fermentation process
  • Sugar and acid measurements
  • Malolactic fermentation
  • Additives
  • Common winemaking faults

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