How To Get Garmin Express Updates?

Garmin Express is an application designed to manage all your Garmin GPS devices. It is this app that can help you with product registration, device updates, syncing fitness data with Garmin Connect, pre-loaded map updates, and do much more. So, to put it simple words, without Garmin Express, you won’t be able to use Garmin Express to its full potential. If you have already downloaded and installed Garmin Express on your computer, then you must also pay attention to its updating process. If the Garmin Express update process is not done at the right time or not done at all, then you won’t be able to able to update the firmware and maps on your Garmin GPS device along with sync your fitness data with Garmin Connect.

If you are interested in knowing how to update Garmin Express software, then you need to first go to the Express updates page after which, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

For Windows

  1. If you are using a Windows computer, then open the Garmin Express application.
  2. Now, click ‘Settings’ followed by ‘About’.
  3. Click ‘Check for updates for Express’.
  4. If you are prompted, then click ‘install now’.

For Mac

  1. Open Garmin Express app on your Mac computer.
  2. In the Apple menu bar, you need to click ‘Garmin Express’.
  3. Click the option labeled as ‘About Garmin Express’.
  4. Click the option that says, ‘Check for Updates for Express’.

As the installation gets complete, your Garmin Express application will be up-to-date, and you will be able to enjoy all its features, which I've mentioned above.

In case, the update process stops in between due to internet connection or any error in the application, then you will have to restart the whole process. If the updates were installed properly, yet the changes aren’t appearing, then you should take the help of experts because only they can identify the issues befalling the Garmin Express update process. But, make sure that the updates are properly installed.

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