How To Choose The Best Wine Glasses

A few factors are important when choosing the right glasses: size, shape and design, weight, material.

The type of wine you are going to be drinking from the glass will determine its size. Red wine glasses are generally larger than white wine glasses. Wine glasses now can be personalized with name initials. You can also buy Personalised Beer glasses at Miss Poppy Design Pty Ltd online.

A standard wine bottle contains only 750ml. There is only 750ml in a standard wine bottle. This means that there would be very little left to drink. Oxidation is a way to reduce the harshness of tannins in red wine. It also allows you to enjoy the richness and variety of flavors that are present in a noble wine. 

White wines, however, have far fewer tannins and are generally not affected by oxidation. White wines also benefit from a smaller glass because they are chilled. It takes more wine to drink, so you should drink every glass before it gets too warm. Fine white Burgundy wines such as Montrachet or Chablis are an exception to these rules. 

These white wines of exceptional quality can be exposed to air and should be served at the same temperature as standard red wines (55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Fine Burgundy is usually served in the largest glasses. I use 26 1/2 oz. (750 ml.) glasses, but I have seen Burgundy glasses up to 31 1/2 oz. (900 ml). Burgundy glasses are more about shape than size.

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