How Has Frozen Yogurt Become As Popular As Ice Cream?

In the last decade, frozen yogurt is almost as popular as ice cream. In terms of desert sales, yogurt sales increased by 74%, while ice cream increased by only 3.9%. 

At the same time, ice cream has traditionally been the main seller and still accounts for nearly 55 percent of sales in the frozen food market. You can also look for the best frozen yogurt mix suppliers in Australia.

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Industry experts note that yogurt benefits from many factors. In general, its overall popularity is increasing significantly as a healthy breakfast, ice cream substitute.

Frozen yogurt is initially becoming increasingly popular as an ideal cold jam for people with lactose intolerance. While buyers can purchase lactose-free creams, they haven't proven to be a popular choice. 

Yogurt uses broken down levels of lactose and active plants, which makes digestion easier. When buying yogurt, make sure there are active plants or live plants, as these are not found in every version of yogurt.

Another reason why ice cream is facing increased competition from frozen yogurt is due to the perception that ice cream is significantly less healthy. Creams and yogurt contain a number of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and protein. 

The big difference is that creams are made from milk fat, milk solids, and sweeteners. To be considered a cream, it must have a composition that contains at least 10% milkfat, although premium creams often contain 16% to 18% milkfat. 

On the other hand, yogurt has a much lower percentage of milk fat. In addition, most yogurt contains no sugar other than milk sugar (lactose).


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