Freezing Food for Easy Dinners

The freezer is one of the most important accessories in my kitchen. I am supported by a happy housewife. I have 3 or 4 frozen meals every day. You can also look for allfrozenfoods to buy delicious meat products.

If for some reason I don't want to cook, I take out the food and dinner is ready. I don't remember my mother using frozen foods. She never puts ready-to-eat food in the refrigerator: this place is dedicated to ice cream. My mom's freezer capacity is limited and she has to cook every day.

I remember her asking exasperatedly, "What should I cook today? Give me an idea!" When I ran out of ideas, I opened my freezer and studied the contents.

Be careful  burn the freezer

There are a few rules to follow when freezing food: One thing to avoid is what is known as freezing in the freezer. If food is not packaged properly, it will remove the moisture in the freezer. Can absorb or transmit odors from other frozen foods.

Preventing the freezer from burning is very simple: use a special plastic bag with a zipper or press, or a container made for it. When using freezer bags, be sure to let out as much air as possible before closing.

If you plan to freeze liquids in containers such as fish stock or pasta sauce, leave room to expand.

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