Follow These Tips for the Safety of your Belongings in a Hostel


Modern hostels usually provide lockers to travelers to keep their belongings. However, there are times where you may never find a locker due to being full especially during the peak season. Then what would you do? Follow these tips and you are bound to keep your items safe during your stay in a hostel.

  1. Read a few Reviews – Before you book your stay, look online for a few reviews about the hostel you wish to stay in. The reviews of previous travelers will offer a bigger picture.
  2. Get a Padlock – During the event of lockers being full, bringing a padlock helps for the longer run. This item ensures the safety of your items. Make sure you bring the right type that fits the right size. Moreover, consider getting a padlock with a number mechanism which is more-safer.
  3. Act Normally – Make sure you act normally in front of other travelers with your items. You may be carrying an expensive item such as a camera lens or a laptop where the intention of other travelers is never clear. Acting normally and not showing off is the best way to do.
  4. Carry them Yourself – You also have the option of carrying your items every time you step out of the hostel for a trip outside. Although, this option will make it a little heavy, however, you know the items are in safe hands.

These tips will help you to stay relaxed with your items while staying in a Krabi hostel.

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